Apple IphoneX Launch Event

Photo source: Apple Inc.

The Apple keynotes represent a landmark in terms of public presentation. Either you are an Apple gear user or just a by-passer you can’t remark the power and the show behind each presentation.
And all of this is owned to the legendary figure of Steve Jobs.

This year has not represented an exception: the shadow of Steve Jobs is there al right; the show was good with interesting products and services to be delivered to the audience (both in the room and through the live transmission).
One simple comment: the Apple products are fascinating and definitely some of them will be trendsetters again. In the meanwhile, the show has tried to follow Steve Jobs patterns but the guys lack the charisma of the company co-founder.
An interesting analysis can be found in Les Echos:
Adrien Rivierre (specialist in public speech with Brightness): Ce moment, attendu par tous les amoureux de technologie, n’a tout simplement pas d’égale. Steve Jobs a popularisé les «keynotes» lors de la sortie du premier iPhone en 2007 pour présenter en grande pompe les nouveaux produits de la marque. Avec son charisme, le sens du «show» et ses qualités oratoires, il a révolutionné la façon de communiquer du groupe de Cupertino.